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About Us

Manufacturing and sales of micron-precision electrical and electronic components made by NC cutting, welding machine parts, control cable parts for automobiles, etc.

At Motorashi Seisakusho, Co., Ltd. we have been using our technological capabilities and our vast experience in industrial processing to produce consistently high-quality precision parts since 1946. We are actively engaged in improvement of machinery and equipment, and development of high-mix production. Our high-quality, low-cost products are contributing to the growth of Japan’s manufacturing industry.



Motorashi Seisakusho, Co., Ltd. originated in 1946, when Gensuke Moto established a factory with eight lathes for the manufacturing and sales of screw parts for telephones. The factory was expanded in 1953, and subsequent development included construction of company housing and a warehouse, and improvement of the work environment.

In 1989 Yuichi Moto (our present president) was appointed president of the company. In 1991 we adopted an EDI (electronic data interchange) system. In 1995 we renovated our Factory No. 1, offices, and benefit program wing, and in 1996 we celebrated our 50th anniversary. In 1998 we received New QIG (a voluntary quality assurance system) accreditation from Matsushita Electric Group.

In 2003 we were granted ISO9001: 2000 accreditation, which we have maintained ever since. With the aim of making the factory a place where employees can work comfortably and efficiently, Motorashi Seisakusho is promoting the three S’s — Seiri (organization), Seiton (order), Seiso (cleaning), the three R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) and CSR (corporate social responsibility).

Motorashi Seisakusho has been submitting products to research and development and technological exchange exhibitions every year since 1990, when the company exhibited products at Techno Fair ’90 in Tokyo and Osaka. In February 2008, the company was awarded the “Chubu IT Management Grand Prize Incentive Award” by the Chubu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.