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We use our wisdom, knowledge and intuition to improve
our equipment and functions to the maximum.

Ever since our foundation, we have been creating Motorashi-style cutting technology, accumulating related know-how, and striving to upgrade our factory equipment, while actively introducing new-type lathes and testing equipment. All of our employees master the use of several sophisticated machines, such as numerically controlled multi-spindles lathes, and hone their machining skills daily.

Only one manufacturing process for high-quality products

We have stored all of the technology that has resulted from our many years of experience and knowledge in computers. While using that data as the most up-to-date technology, we are working to develop even higher-quality precision products. We are able to meet the demand for increasingly high-level, complex products in an accurate and timely fashion.

Motorashi's Core Technology

1. Manufacturing of minute parts and micro parts.

2. Manufacturing of shaft forms and long unevenly shaped parts

3. No mold required.

4. Can be used for many different materials.

5. Can be used when there is a short lead time (L/T).